1. What is InsideLook?

InsideLook is a platform where users can post anonymized reviews of supervisors, co-workers and the workplace where they are working or worked for in the past.

Users can use Noise Tracker to know what is happening at their workplace. Noise Tracker is a place where current or former employees post their views about things happening at the work place.

2. What is Noise Tracker?

Noise tracker is an interesting place where current and former employees post anonymous message about things happening around them at the workplace. This is a free service. You don't need to pay any money to post or view messages.

3. How does it work?

First, users need to register through LinkedIn and then they can write a review about the workplace/ companies where they worked or are currently working at. After the completion of the review, the user will submit it. It will then be looked over by the administration team who will approve and publish the review. Any foul language will not be permitted. Once a review is approved, it will be visible on the InsideLook.co. Anyone who is interested in your review will pay the amount set by you and will be able to read it. After someone pays for your review, you will get an email notification. Once you have accumulated more than $300, the money will be transferred the following month into your paypal or bank account.
Users can write reviews ONLY about the companies where they are working at or worked at in the past. They are not allowed to review companies where they have never worked.

4. Why should I write a company review?

a. Users who write comprehensive reviews of a company will help others by letting them know the working conditions, work culture, supervisors, co-workers, HR policies, salaries and benefits information. This will help readers in making informed decisions.
b. You will receive 75% of the fee you set for the review by the reader. InsideLook will keep 25%.

5. How frequently I will be paid?

You will be paid once a month if your commission reaches above $100 in the previous month. All money will be transferred to your paypal or bank account around the 21st of the month. E.g. If your commission reaches above $300 on June 28th, you will receive commission on the 21st of July, but if your commission reaches above $300 on July 1st , then you will receive payment around August 21st.
In any dispute, InsideLook.co's decision will be final and binding to all parties using the InsideLook.co

6. Will I get paid if I invite my friends to join InsideLook.co?

Yes, you will be paid 10% commission on each person's earning you referred to InsideLook.co. Make sure your friends sign up for InsideLook through the link you send them OR ask them to send us an email at contact@insidelook.co as soon as they sign up. Their email should include your email id also.

7. Who do I contact if you haven't answered my questions?

Email team@InsideLook.co with any questions. You can also see if any of your questions are addressed in this help section.

8. How should I report bugs and security vulnerabilities?

Email us at bugs@InsideLook.co
If you discover a security vulnerability, please email us confidentially so we can fix it. Please do not discuss it publicly. Also, please do not use it to destroy the site.
We'd like to thank the following for reporting vulnerabilities to us:
Arzoo Singh
Danniel Belva

9. How much is my identity anonymized?

We promise you that your identity will not be disclosed to any company or law enforcement agency without proper order from the court. You will be informed as soon as we receive a court order about your review to give you some time. We know some companies go overboard in harassing their employees if any negative comments are posted about them. We will try to protect our users as much as humanly possible, but at the same time, we expect our users not to disclose any trade secrets or personal information of their supervisors or co-workers. InsideLook doesn't promote negative reviews. Simply write honest, unbiased reviews of supervisors, co-workers and the workplace. Readers will have the option to return at a later time to rate and provide feedback on your review.

" .. InsideLook does not promote negative reviews. Simply write honest, unbiased reviews of supervisors, co-workers and the workplace. There are no special rewards in writing negative or positive reviews so just write unbiased reviews."